Moshi Monsters Secret Codes

Your Moshi Monsters gaming experience can be vastly improved by knowing the various Moshi Monsters secret codes. They can be found in all sorts of Moshi Monsters merchandise such as the Moshi Monsters Magazine. These are very simple to activate as you only need to be logged in and look to the bottom of the screen where you will a button whit which you can activate them.

Unfortunately many of the old Moshi Monsters codes no longer work, but not to worry; many new ones have been recently added. It also seems like the not so very secret codes offered by the Moshi offers site have been deactivated and that means that characters like Blingo are no longer available. But let me give you some of the latest cheat codes; FROSTY, HONK, SID2014, BAD87, 6ZOOPIGS, YAKA, TOUCHDOWN, LULLABY, PARP, ARGOSROX, AMAZON and ICESCREAMLAMP. These have all been updated in the last month, so they should all work perfectly.

It also appears that free membership codes have also expired; this is true for “Gold”, “Treat” and “Ticket”. It saddens me deeply that such great crowd pleasers as Boomer, Nipper, Blingo, Leo and Furnando have also been removed. Of course there are many other Moshlings you can attract. To do this you will need to combine one of the special seeds with the two normal ones to achieve the desired result. Here are some cheat codes for the special seeds: HOBBIDIDANCE (Radiant Roxy Rose Seeds), SNOWFLAKE (Splurgee Burdock Seed), SNOWBALL (Ra-Tichoke Seed), REDNOSE (Non-Drip Moss Seed), ICICLES (Hocus Crocus Seed) and 2014 for Glamellia Seed. Splurgee Burdock Seed will grant you a Lurgee, Ra-Tichoke will get you Carter, Non-Drip Moss will attract Bodge and the Non-Drip Moss will unlock Hocus and Vinne the Glamellia.