Haier P6

The very latest incarnation of the unique and exclusive pen style format. The Haier P6 is the new brother of the P5 and builds on its comprehensive list of features…

Creating a phone to beat a true design original is not an easy task, but the Haier P6 excels in many ways: not to “beat” the P5 but offer you a different package depending on your needs.

Lets admit it; we’re vain creatures, and while a lengthy feature list can impress you later, the main reason we all want a Haier P6 is because of its stunning looks. Aside from them however, the Haier P6 may revolutionise you life in the following ways…

  • A more powerful, removable internal battery allows you to charge less frequent and talk for longer. Why not carry a spare backup battery unit for emergencies or long trips away from sources of power.
  • Dictaphone & Speakerphone the ultimate in vocal communication technology: Record your thoughts as and when you have them, and then enter into a call with somebody with your phone sitting on your desk. Make notes, drive your car, all without having to use a separate hands free kit (included as well!)
  • Security: the Haier P6’s looks disguise it from prying thieves and could reduce the risk of theft or violent crime, making your life safer.
  • Laser pointer allows you to point things out to others on the go or in the office/school. Eliminating the need to remember to carry your other pointing devices.
  • Great conversation piece when with others. While your friends and colleagues battle it out with other more “standard” phones, you are safe in the knowledge that nothing but another Haier phone can outdo your handset.

The Haier P6 is firmly aimed towards the international business professional, and style conscious individuals demanding the very best in design, functionality and practicality. Its supreme levels of detail and outstanding build quality mean that, unlike other phones, the P6 can last you for many years without needing to be replaced or upgraded.

Aside from the features, the Haier P6 comes in a high-quality silver padded (leather-like) presentation box. Sculpted much like a jewellery box, the Haier P6 sits elegantly on its silver, velvety tray with accessories and instruction manual safely hidden from view. This isn’t a box that you throw away once you’ve got your phone; like a presentation box for the most expensive timepieces, the Haier P6 can return to its elegant abode when not in use.

The Haier P6 comes unlocked and sim-free. It can therefore be used on any network including; Orange, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, O2 and now, the 3Three videocall networks. There is no need to change your number or purchase a new sim-card.

Also in the box you will find both a mains and in-car charger allowing you to charge your phone in a location that’s convenient for you. You will also find the official Haier P5 hands free kit, allowing you to use your Haier P5 while it is still in your pocket, bag or clipped to your belt or shirt…

Colours: Silver & Graphite Grey

Band: GSM 900/1800 +WAP (dual band) Battery: 580 mAh Lithium Ion battery Talk time: 150 minutes Standby time: 70 to 150 hours (over 4 days)

Dimensions: 137mm x 30mm x 19mm Weight: 80g

Blue Backlit Monochrome Screen 100 (+ SIM) Number Phonebook

Voice Activated Dialling & Speed Dialling Caller Groups & Call Diversion

Call Records & Call Barring

Security Features (PIN Codes etc…)

Welcome Message

Screen Saver

Built-In ‘Vibracall’ Alert Polyphonic Ringtones

Receive Nokia Ringtones

Download Operator Logos Predictive SMS Messaging

Calculator, 12/24 Hour Clock & Alarm Clock Games: ‘Tetris’, ‘Balloon-Shoot’ & ‘Bowling’

15 Minute Recording Di