Animal Jam Codes

nimal jam is an online open world game that is primarily meant to be played by kids, even if that is not always the case. Animal jam is a simulated playground game which allows children to meet friends, adopt virtual pets (and learn that they require responsibility); this game offers a very unique way to educate children trough interaction with each other and trough the Animal jam interface as well.

However this article is not about that, but about the secret content of the game, the unintentional glitches and the cheat codes which are there to keep the game interesting even for the long term players. There are numerous Animal Jam cheat codes and glitches to be exploited. Although at this point I should probably warn you that exploiting cheats can muddle your gaming experience somewhat. So let us focus on them first.

We have to keep in mind that these were not meant to be a part of the original game and may not always work, tough some people have reported that even if they don’t work the first time, they might still be effective if you try them several times. So let’s discuss a few of Animal jam cheats codes. The first one is the Gecko glitch, all you have to do is login to your Animal jam account and enter the cheat code gecko and then you will have to click on the present several times, after which you merely go to another room in which you will find a gecko. Repeat this process as many times as you like.

Another one is the prize machine glitch, what you have to do for this one is to go to the prize claw machine, one that is closest to the door, then use it until you win something, once you do click rapidly on the drop button while your prize is going up, after that you should press play again and the claw should still be in the same space where you won it last time and after that you must click on the drop button several times in quick succession. You should win around 2-5 times, there are reports that the claw machine in the movie theater works most consistently.

The next one will enable you to get nm member animals and here is what you need to do; when your membership eventually runs out, choose two animals which you are going to sell (for which you get a turtle), then proceed to bahari bay logoff, then logon and one of your old member animals should be right there in front of you. This one seemingly doesn’t work for everyone, but maybe you should still give it a try. And now I would like to give you some Animal jam codes. The following appear to work for everyone; phantoms, gecko, croc, coral reef and explore2012

Type them in and see their effects for yourself. Use those cheats and codes at your own discretion as they may spoil your Animal jam experience.