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10 things to do when promoting new track on Soundcloud

Soundcloud promotion is important for every artist. Many of you upload their tracks, but they don’t know what to do as a next step. In this article, you are going to learn what you can do after uploading your tracks and how can you promote them. 10 simple things you can easily follow to promote a new track. We have also tried this service that we reviewed below.

  1. Share: So it is pretty much simple just as you do in Facebook. Go out and tell the people about your new track. Don’t underestimate this tip because Skrillex has achieved everything on souncloud just because of sharing and promoting his tracks. So be a wise man and share your new track in every single social networking site. This should be your first effort after uploading your track, so don’t skip this step in any case.
  2. Free: okay, you don’t want people to check out your new track for free, but this